Jonny Stoten

Senior Software Engineer

Senior software engineer with ten years’ experience working with a wide variety of tech stacks and languages. Currently working mainly with Elixir, React, and Typescript.

A firm believer in automated testing and continuous integration, with a strong commitment to code quality and maintainability.

Experienced with all parts of the development lifecycle, all the way from design to deployment.


Senior Software Engineer, Docker

November 2020 – Present

At Docker I’m writing microservices in Go on the Docker Hub team.

Senior Software Engineer, Technical Lead, Pirate

March 2018 – October 2020

At Pirate I used an eclectic mix of languages and technologies to develop software for the world’s largest network of unmanned music studios.

My main contribution at Pirate was to lead the rewrite of the core booking system. My team replaced a Ruby on Rails MVP from the very first days of the business with a scalable backend API written in Elixir and a responsive frontend using TypeScript with React.

Prior to this, I worked on Pirate’s Facebook Live Streaming project. This project included a frontend written in TypeScript with React, an API written in Ruby, and a Haskell app running on Raspberry Pis deployed in music studios worldwide. I had been involved with this project since its inception, turning ambiguous business requirements into a scalable and maintainable architecture.

As a technical lead, I took responsibility for architecture and code quality across projects and worked with the rest of the technology management team on more general technical strategy and hiring.

Senior Software Engineer, Rocketmakers

September 2013 – March 2018

At Rocketmakers I worked with startups and corporates developing minimum-viable-products and production ready applications.

I had a leading role in all projects that I was involved with. I typically worked on the backend alongside a frontend developer, but I occasionally worked across the full stack.

At Rocketmakers I took an iterative approach to software development, preferring to get something usable into the hands of end users, and working directly with clients to continuously improve their products.

My projects at Rocketmakers included:

Software Engineer, Technical Lead, Ansys

August 2010 – September 2013

While at Ansys I worked on GRANTA MI, a very large material science product for use in the aeronautic and automotive industries. I started out as a Junior Software Engineer and became a Technical Lead within just two years. I was responsible for the implementation of new features across almost every aspect of the system, as well as the high-level technical strategy for API and Server products.

My time as a technical lead was spent designing and implementing solutions to maintenance problems typical in large legacy systems. Since then, I have felt very passionately about designing systems that are loosely coupled and easy to maintain from the start.


Bachelor of Science (Hons)

October 2007 – June 2010

Computer Science
First Class
Royal Holloway, University of London